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"I don't want to be a part of it
Flu York, Flu York"

Georgia stopped serenading the social clubs of North Yorkshire to wield a megaphone across the pond. But who'll welcome her back home from NYU now Coronavirus has sent her packing? Not her estranged parents. Definitely not The Girls.. not those idiots.

This idiot: 'MC Yorkie'. Covidiot. Little Bobby from her shows. Which ridiculous topic is he rapping about today? Just ask the next kid you see round here, he probably follows him.

His followers aren't interested in Georgia's campus politics, and even Yorkshire Nigerians - including happy-go-lucky hypeman Kayode & razor-sharp witted Christian maid Chika who regularly pop in - seem to care more about having a laugh with Bobby than her activism.

Georgia wants no part of Bobby's TikTok egotrip: she'll be fighting gentrification in Brooklyn again as soon as this blows over. For now, in the shadow of a family breakdown, these two must share a 1.5-bed livestream den which pulsates with ring lights & Afrobeats in a suburb of York the tourists forgot.

If they can Make It There, they'll Make It Anywhere!

Project Timeline

March '21: Shoot Pilot ✅
Pilot is ~20m, shot in Portrait Mode with a modern, realistic feel and shared with private Vimeo link. Previewers will have the opportunity to leave thoughts & feedback on Vimeo Review, as well as setup a call with me. Ideally, we are seeking industry support to produce a full series at higher production values. 1. Self-release Pilot @CeruleanSounds to IG:TV & YouTube - to launch:
2. An all-or-nothing Kickstarter seeking >£500 funding for 6 episodes with higher production values to Pilot.
(if unfunded): hopefully audiences can still enjoy the Pilot as a stand-alone piece finding humour in the upheaval we all lived - and many musicians suffered - through in 2020, as well as a testament to what a nimble & dedicated indie team can achieve on a rapid timeframe.
Aug 31st '21: Kickstarter closed ❌ No plans to make series. Enjoy the pilot!

Thanks from Cerulean

Thanks to co-creator Ayo Ol, who dreamed that his experience arriving oop North from Nigeria during the pandemic could be combined with mine recording Smalltown Dreamer back in my hometown, and we could craft a semi-fictional scenario people from a diverse range of backgrounds who lived through the Covid-lockdowns might find humour & understanding in.

And Story Consultant Olympia Christofinis who encouraged me to find a Cast & shoot a Pilot. They all contributed to character, dialogue + more: